Lets Salsa Dance and Live The Fairytale today!

Good morning everyone, happy Monday! :-D

Today, I am going to be sharing a couple of inspiration boards that I have created over the weekend, at the request of my lovely followers over at my Facebook page.

First up was requested by the lovely Mandy.  Mandy asked for an inspiration board that featured duck egg blue, cream, silver and pearls.  Now, this immediately made me day dream about castles, romance and lots of flowers.

Fairytale Wedding Inspiration Board

I particularly love the detailing on the dreamy wedding dress designed by, Elle by House Of Mooshki.

The second inspiration board I am going to share with you was requested by the lovely Samantha.  Samantha asked for an inspiration board that would feature around her favourite pastime, Salsa Dancing.  However, I was not allowed to use the ‘go-to’ colours for salsa dancing of orange and green.

The theme I came up with would create a wedding that is very colourful yet very, very grand.  The colour scheme I have fallen for is passionate red and deep black with tasteful touches of canary yellow.

 Salsa Dance YRB

My favourite part of this inspiration board is the venue, the chandelier picture (top right) is the Mirror Room at Wynyard Hall.

If you have any colour combinations or themes for an event in mind and would like me to make an inspiration board for you, please pop on over to my Facebook page and send me a message.

Sophie <3

My Top 5 DIY Wedding Decorations

Doily Tablerunner 2

Hiya there *waves*

This post is a little different to what I have posted in the past, I am feeling brave and as usual any feedback is more than welcome.

I am always trawling other people’s blogs and Facebook pages for ideas and inspiration or just to be plain nosey!  I thought I should make the most of my trawling and note down some of my favourite things I come across… so here goes…

Today, I have been looking into decorations that can be used for any of your upcoming events, be it a wedding, party, family meal or christening party, literally anything! Not only are they adaptable, BUT, you can do them yourself.  I will be linking you to the creators’ blogs which have DIY instructions, enabling you to have a go at home! Fantastic stuff, yes?

1. DIY Doily Table Runner

Doily Tablerunner 2Doily Table Runner 1

I came across this idea whilst flicking through a booklet that came through with my You and Your Wedding Magazine Subscription.  The doily table runner would be perfect used in any wedding design, be it modern or vintage as you can dress the table according to your theme and use bright white doily’s or coloured one’s for a modern theme in comparison to grandma’s vintage doily’s for a vintage theme.

If you would like to know how make these yourself, pop on over to Under The Sycamore for a list of instructions.  It’s so simple and effective!

2. DIY Floral Letters

Floral Letters 1Floral Letters 2

Now, I don’t know about you but I LOVE this idea, I want to go out right now and create a set for my house… just because!

I think, it really goes without saying that this idea is 100% suitable for any event in any theme. You can never have too many flowers, right?

For the DIY instructions for this make, pop along to Honestly Yum. (psst, I have just bookmarked Honestly Yum, Fabulous blog!)

3. Mini Message In a Bottle

Messag in A Bottle

Well, aren’t these just adorable?  They are mini bottles with lovely touching messages inside, that would put a big smile on anybody’s face…   I envisage these being great for a beach wedding or a garden / barn wedding; it’s all in the way you display the bottles.  They could also double-up as escort cards too!

For the step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own message in a bottle, pop over to Living Well Spending Less.

4. Framed Table Number

Vintage Framed Table Number 2Vintage Framed Table Number 1

This is such a pretty DIY make and oh so effective.  I have chosen a vintage styled option, but really the options are endless with this type of creativity.  You could literally fit the framed table number idea to any event decor you have in mind.

You can find the instructions over at Project Wedding.

5. Herb Napkin Ring

Herb Napkin Ring

I have to say I am completely in love with this idea, I can just imagine the smell of the fresh herbs drifting around the venue and can picture myself sat in front of fresh rosemary, waiting for my roast lamb to be delivered to me!  This is honestly, such a simple make and very effective, in a subtle way.

For instructions on how to make the herb napkin ring, pop over to Gardenista, and have a look.

So, there we have it, my top 5 DIY wedding decorations, that would add the finishing touches to any of your events.  I would love, love, LOVE to see how any of you get on if you decide to have a go at creating any of them, please do send me a picture and as always feedback on my blog posts are more than welcome. I want to hear from you!

Sophie <3

Assignment 13

Hi everyone! 

It has been a while since I have posted, as usual I have been very busy completing my assignment, raising my boy and also keeping an ear to the ground for any potential jobs within the events industry!

Assignment 13 was an assignment I was most looking forward to, I had to physically get a design out of my head and create it!  It was still going down the lines of the ‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend‘ themed wedding I have been working on over the last few assignment.  Basically, I had to design and create a tablescape design that would fit with my concept for this wedding. 

Would you like to see what I came up with? Please do let me know what you think?  Can’t grow and learn what you all like if I don’t get constructive criticism :-D



Part of this design included some wine glasses which I was lent by a very talented lady called Nicola! Thanks! You can see what she does best on her website, Blingtasia, go and take a look!  I think her glittered glasses would make fabulous name cards for tables or even wedding favours! They sure helped add the finishing touch of glitz to my design :-D


p.s. If you know of any jobs within the industry, give me a shout ;-) 

Bye for now :)

Smacked in the face by inspiration today :)


So today I was talking to a lovely lady that is in the midst of planning her own wedding as well as supporting her sister’s wedding planning.  She mentioned that her sister’s husband is quite keen on a black and white theme for a wedding, whereas her sister would prefer some colour.

It got me thinking about how couple compromise on the colour schemes, after all, not all Groom’s say ‘whatever you choose is the best’, like mine! haha!

I was looking through some back and white images and really enjoyed seeing black and white teamed with bright splashes of colour such as Mandarin or Clementine.  I set about compiling some images to create a mood board to reflect a modern yet whimsical wedding using these colours. Take a look!

Modern Whimsical Wedding

This colour scheme can be adapted to suit all four seasons, simply by using a different shade or orange.  For example you could use a warmer shade, closer to brown for autumn or a brighter orange with peach tones for spring and Summer.

Do you like this colour scheme?  What colour would you like to see with a black and white scheme?


Assignments 8 to 12!

Mood Board

Wow! What a busy few months I have had!

I have been busy working through my course and keeping with my little boy who is now a toddler! He is like a little whirlwind.

So I will do a brief update on what I have been up to with my course in the last couple of months.


In this assignment I learned all about tablescapes and centrepieces.  The do’s and don’ts as well as the why’s and wherefore’s.
Questions like:

1.  Would you use a hybrid delphinium, which averages 17 to 24 inches tall, in the centrepieces? Why?


2. You have been asked to provide a floor show featuring a nationally known entertainer as part of the rehearsal dinner for another couple      you are working with. Your client wants you to emphasize the flowers, using 26 inch tall vases with large arrangements on the 80 tables. What should you explain to your client?

Flowers and Decor << Click here to see my answers

I also had to design a unique centrepiece for a themed wedding with balloons being featured within the design. This is what I came up with..

balloon centrepiece description

What do you think? I loved the film up and think the centrepieces would be very eye-catching!

Last but certainly not least for assignment 8, I was tasked with researching local backdrop companies and choosing a backdrop and props that could be tied into a wedding theme of my choice.  I went with the theme of a Pirate Wedding! Here is what I came up with.

Power Point Presentation and  Pirate Themed Wedding with prop and drop companies

As always, please do tell me what you think :)


Assignment 9 was a two part assignment, comprising of becoming familiar with a tablescape design website and also coming up with a solid design for the table and decorative elements, of the original ‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend’ wedding.

The website I used to come up with the tablescape designs below was a company called BBJ Linens.

Unit Project Combined

Would you use any of those tablescape colour combinations or designs for your event? Please do let me know :)

Now I was back to thinking about the original wedding that I was designing around the theme of ‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend’.  I had to come up with a design for my tablescape and also describe what props and other decorative elements would set the scene for this wedding.

Wedding Proposal – Tiffany and Co. Inspired Day

Does this sound like an event you would like to attend?  Would this wedding theme appeal to you? Let me know :)


Assignment 10 was about researching and planning the correct entertainment to fit in the with the wedding theme and also appeal to the Bride, Groom and Guests.  I put an entertainment proposal together for the couple to see how I envisage their day playing out.

Entertainment Proposal

Does the entertainment proposed above whet your appetite?  Please do Let me know what you think. :)

Assignment 11

This assignment was about Lighting and Aesthetics within events, including weddings.  It was very interesting learning about the cost effective ability of using lighting within a wedding to ‘set the scene’ as well as evoking a feeling and creating an atmosphere.  Just a flick of a switch can change the whole tempo of the day.  It certainly got my creative juices going.

Assignment 12

This assignment was so interesting! The ‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend’ wedding was fully designed, however, the bride got back in contact and requested an ending to the wedding that would ‘go off with a bang’ and create a brilliant atmosphere.

I have linked what I came up with below. Please take a look and let me know what you think  :)

Ending On A High Note

I am really really looking forward to working on the next assignment.  I am going to be designing and creating a design for a tablescape! I will be back with photo’s of the actual design soon :)

Are you on Facebook? Take a look at my Facebook page :-D

Sophie x

Assignment 7 – Grecian Marquee Wedding

Hi there! I hope you are all settling into 2014 nicely as we make our way into February.. Already!

All I can say is Wow! Assignment 7 was a doozy!

The task I had to complete was as follows:

A bride was looking to me for a proposal outlining the pro’s and con’s of having a marquee wedding, the type of marquees available and a quote for the recommended marquee.  I also had to design a Reception around a Grecian themed wedding, as well as explaining how the grecian touches could be included into the wedding ceremony also.

I created two mood boards to give the bride a visual explanation as well as typing out a proposal including a floor plan and quotation information.

I really enjoyed throwing myself into this assignment.  Loved the creative side of it as well as the business side of the assignment (gathering quotes and research).

Below I have included my proposal.

Grecian Marquee Wedding

As usual, I really am interested in what you think.  Any feedback would be appreciated!


The Good News Just Keeps On Coming! :)

Hello again…

So I had more good news just before christmas, in that I was contacted via my Facebook Page to create an inspiration board for an anticipated upcoming wedding.  I had my first paying client! So exciting, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

So, how did it work.  I sent the lovely lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, a small questionnaire to help me get some idea about her and her fiancé’s personal style, as I believe this will be heavily reflected in someone’s wedding.  I then set up a private Pinterest board where both the client and I could pin pictures that we thought would represent their wedding.   This was really helpful for me as I could see from what was being pinned whether I was on the right track with my wedding idea!

In the first stages of communication I found out that the bride had certain colours in mind that she was very set upon and also wanted a relaxed vintage feel wedding with a modern twist.  The wedding would be in November and would be in a converted barn.

This was the inspiration board that I came up with.


The bride was very very happy with the inspiration board and has actually gone ahead and booked her wedding.. last I heard she was peeking at wedding dresses! I am looking forward to seeing the wedding photo’s and hope to have permission to post a few here! ;-).

Please do let me know what you think about this inspiration board!