Wedding Fair – Grinkle Park Hotel

Wow! It has been so busy at Sophie Clarke Wedding Designs HQ’s in the last couple of weeks!

On Saturday 8 November, I was very excited to exhibit at the Grinkle Park Hotel.  It was my first visit to Grinkle and I have to say, what a stunning venue!  You start off with a wonderful drive down the lengthy and leafy driveway until an awe-inspiring elegant baronial mansion comes into view.  When you enter this mansion through the luxurious original looking double doors you will be struck by the sumptuous interior and décor of Grinkle Park Hotel.

images                                   Photo Credit : Dirk Van Der Werff Wedding Photography

I was exhibiting in the beautiful Palmer Suite and loved watching the world go by out of the deep windows looking over the North Yorkshire Moors, allowing viewers to see all the way to the sea.

I met some truly wonderful couples and am very happy to say that I am now working with the lovely Sharne and Chris.  Working together, we will make their dream of a rustic and natural barn wedding, with an outdoor ceremony.  The wedding will be at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel and I can’t wait to show you the pictures, but you will have to wait until next year! ;-).

Here are some pictures of my table designs I showcased at Grinkle Park Hotel.



WP_20141019_15_10_59_Pro    WP_20141019_15_10_53_Pro    WP_20141019_15_10_35_Pro

                                   WP_20141019_15_11_32_Pro      WP_20141019_15_11_41_Pro

Thank you for reading and it won’t be long until I am back with more exciting news!  It’s all go.

Sophie <3

‘Lasting Memories Of Their Big Day…’

Today at Sophie Clarke Wedding Designs,  I am going to introduce you to the lovely Helen of Helen Scott Design.  I met Helen at Whitworth Hall Hotel’s Wedding fair in September, after following her online for a little while previously. headshot

Helen Scott Design was founded in 2012 after Helen designed wedding stationery for a friend and ‘enjoyed the process of working with the bride, coming up with a starting concept and developing it into a finished product’.  Helen is a freelance graphic designer by trade, since 2010 but now specialises in wedding stationery.

Helen Scott Design is the home of many wonderful and beautifully printed designs that will give guests the perfect insight as to what they can expect on your big day. An invitation or save the date is the first glimpse your guests will have as to what colour scheme or theme your wedding day will follow and the possibilities are endless with Helen Scott Design at the Helm of design.

                                                                    Aug 2014 Stationery 120

Helen Scott Design produce fully customisable, BEAUTIFUL, designs that can be changed to suit any colour scheme and personalised with the details of your big day.  They also offer a complete bespoke design service, for not extra charge!  This fantastic service allows you to incorporate specific themes, design or any other aspects to allow for a truly personal touch to your wedding stationery.

                                                                                   Aug 2014 Stationery 091

Helen Scott Design also design coordinating stationery, such as Table Plans, Table Numbers and Place Cards, as well as Thank You cards and Announcement Cards, for after your big day.


You can find Helen Scott Design’s website here.  You can also Follow Helen Scott Design on Facebook and Twitter.

Helen Scott Design’s next wedding fair is at Centre For Life, Newcastle on the 9th November, 12-3:30pm


Modern, Design-Led Wedding Stationery…

Hi everyone *Waves*

Today I am bringing you news of a company that designs stunning wedding stationery that will just have you swooning.  This company is Polkadot stationery.

(Winter Botanicals)

Winter Botanicals

As a company, Polkadot stationery create modern and design-led wedding ranges that are perfectly influenced by current trends, including fashion.  The owner and graphic designer of Polkadot Stationery told me how ‘great graphic design forms our business ethos and we take great care in making sure each design is just right before offering them for sale.’.

(Simple Vintage)                                                                                        (Bold Romance)

Simple Vintage Bold Romance

Polkadot Stationery has been featured in Wedding Magazine, Wedding Flowers and Accessories Magazine as well as other top wedding blogs.

(Vintage Tea Cups)                                                                                        (The Modern Type)

Vintage Tea Cups The Modern Type

As well as the beautiful ranges that Polkadot Stationery personalise to each couple they also LOVE to undertake bespoke design projects so that they can ensure that each couples gets exactly what they have dreamed of.

(Rustic Florals)

Rustic Florals

As you can see from the recent Polkadot Stationery designs that are pictured in this post, they can really turn their hand to any ‘style’ of design you dream of, that could be modern, vintage, rustic or super contemporary.  I just love them.

(Vintage Art Deco)

Vintage Art DecoIf you  would like any more information about Polkadot Stationery, you can email Beccy at  The ranges that you have seen here today are available to order here and you can visit Polkadot Stationery’s website too.

I think you will agree with me, these designs are BEAUTIFUL!

Sophie <3


Mrs Baker the Cake Maker

Here at Sophie Clarke Wedding Designs, we like to champion and support other quality local wedding suppliers and so over the next few coming weeks I have lots to bring you, including photographers, cakes, stationery and much more!

With a tag line like the one above, why wouldn’t you want to know more?! That tag line belongs to Jen’s House of Cakes.

Jennifer of Jen’s House of Cakes offer a truly bespoke service and they pride themselves on attention to detail and state that quality is paramount whether they are baking a few cupcakes of a show stopping six tier wedding cake. Certainly, their past work gets the taste buds salivating, there is literally something for everyone.

I love this cute ivory three tier cake with the clay bride and groom sat atop a Battenberg! The peach details add a perfect amount of colour for a couple that are looking for a simple design that still holds its own in the wedding décor.

battenberg-coral-wedding-cake (2)

Another design that Jen’s House of Cakes came up with is a traditional waterfall of roses tumbling down a perfectly iced ivory four tier cake.

ivory-rose-cascade (2)

Now, for those of you that are a bit more adventurous why not stay with tumbling flowers, add in colour and a gorgeous cake topper, like this…

rainbow-flower-cascade-and-gazebo (2)

This last cake I am going to show you, from Jen’s House of Cakes is an absolute showstopper! Sprinkles… on a wedding cake! I kid you not, you can see from the picture below that this design is absolutely sensational on a wedding cake and is perfect for the couple that want to stray away from the traditional flowery design.

sprinkles-and-bows (2)

You can contact Jen’s House of Cakes via her website, Facebook, phone or email. I am sure they booking up for 2015 pretty quickly so, if you would like an amazing wedding cake designed just for you then this company is definitely one you should consider.

Sophie <3

Wedding Fair – Danby Castle

I was so excited to be exhibiting Sophie Clarke Wedding Designs at Danby Castle on Sunday and boy, was I right to be! There was an absolutely fantastic turn out of wonderful couples that were looking for traditional weddings, vintage weddings, motocross themed weddings and one couple that were going to go to America to get married but chose Danby Castle instead! Danby Castle is nestled atop a hill in the North Yorkshire Moors, overlooking the Esk Valley and let me tell you the view is so picturesque and breath-taking. WP_20141010_11_51_39_Pro   WP_20141010_11_51_53_Pro   I was very lucky on Sunday, as I had a table in the main marquee where I was joined by some other fabulous suppliers and we had a great time, I also had a table set up in the Jury Room with an autumnal design that was put together especially for the fair. The Jury Room is where couples would meet with the registrar before they get married, this is also where the newly married couple would have a breather after the emotional ceremony. Here are some pictures of the day. WP_20141010_16_48_32_Pro WP_20141012_14_46_45_Pro WP_20141012_14_45_12_Pro WP_20141012_14_46_10_Pro WP_20141012_14_47_55_Pro WP_20141012_14_52_55_Pro WP_20141012_14_53_14_Pro WP_20141012_14_53_52_Pro WP_20141012_14_53_36_Pro WP_20141012_14_58_06_Pro WP_20141012_14_58_30_Pro WP_20141012_14_58_22_Pro I can’t wait for this weekend, I am exhibiting at Grinkle Park Hotel, see you there! Sophie <3

UK Academy of Wedding Planning Featured little old me!


Hi everyone!

I am sorry it’s taken so long for me to post! It has been all go here in the last month.

I have been continuing to work with Beckwith Events as well as throwing everything into marketing my own business, Sophie Clarke Wedding Designs.

Whilst all of this has been going on I am still plodding on with my Diploma in wedding planning, styling and design.  I am studying through the UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning (Great Course!).   The lovely ladies at UKAWEP ran a competition to be featured on a blog post of theirs.  I WON!

You can see my take on autumn inspiration here.

Winning this competition has allowed me to display this badge and believe me I am very proud to display it! Eeeeek!


Look at it! Wowee! :-D

As well as all of this going on, I have been readying myself for my first wedding fayre! I will be at Danby Castle on the 12 October between 11am-3pm.  I would love to see you there!

Here are some designs that will be on display.

WP_20140910_014 WP_20140911_013 WP_20140911_017

I will be back soon with some fabulous cake and stationery designs from local suppliers as well as some exciting information about a recommended supplier!

Sophie <3

Choosing Your Venue…

Sefton Palm House, Liverpool. Andrew Davies Photography

This week I have been thinking about wedding venues and posting some links to local offers for certain venue.  This got me wondering, what do I think the most important points are to consider, when searching for a venue for your special day..

One of the first tasks in planning any event, is to search for a venue that fulfils your requirements.  Is the venue big or small enough, will it allow your envisioned theme and/or colour scheme to come to life and is it within budget.

A very common mistake is made is when a venue is booked purely because of the price or aesthetics without taking into account your own colour scheme or theme.  When this happens, you may find your colours clash with the interior of the venue and further down the line something that you had envisaged for your day isn’t possible, such as using outside caterers or having games on the lawn during cocktail hour.

What you want to be able to do is fit your venue into your wedding, not plan your wedding around constraints you have BECAUSE of the venue.

There are three important points to consider when searching for your wedding venue:

The first is STYLE.

Ideally, you need to have had a discussion with your fiancée about what you are both hoping for on your wedding day, in terms of themes and colour schemes.   Would you prefer something modern or vintage, relaxed or formal, intimate or grand?  If you decide on the style of your wedding day before visiting venues, it will stop you from being taken in by a particular look that doesn’t fit what you have agreed.

The other thing to consider is that if you choose a venue that doesn’t fit your envision, you may find your outlay to transform the venue into what you dream of will just sky-rocket.

It is also important to know in advance whether you are looking for separate venues for the ceremony and reception.  Separate venues will more than likely have different styling and therefore the budget for transformation will need to be higher.   If you do choose to have separate venues then the cost and implication of travelling between the venues needs to be considered also.

The second is SIZE.

Wynyard Hall Hotel, Chapel, Dick Ven Der Wherf Photography

It is imperative to have some idea of your guest list, a rough estimation of how many people will be at both the ceremony and reception, when you are short-listing venues.  You really don’t want to fall in love with a venue that means cutting your guest list in half as that just makes your life harder!  You can find out about maximum capacities of most venues on their websites, if not, it is always worth giving them a call to double check.

However, at the same time as making sure a venue isn’t too small, you don’t want to have a venue that is too BIG either.  This would affect the atmosphere of your day.  For example, if you have 100 guests in a banquet hall that has a capacity of 500 people, your 100 friends and family are going to almost disappear in the space, there would be no warmth or encouragement for your friends and family to mingle and party together!  This really can be the difference between a good wedding and a great wedding!

The third is BUDGET.

Crathorne Hotel, Britains Finestdotcom

This is such a difficult subject to discuss as there are almost always unforeseen costs and disagreements about how much you, as a couple, are willing to spend on a venue.  It really is important to have an estimated figure in mind of what you would like a venue to cost.  Saying this, if you do happen to fall in love with a venue that costs more than you have set aside, look at other figures in the budget.  Is this venue almost perfect in terms of fitting your theme?  If so, then could you cut the budget for décor or hiring costs?

Another option, is to have your wedding day outside of the main wedding season, an off-peak wedding.  At most venue’s it costs more to get married at the weekend, especially during the wedding season (June through to October).

A clever way to keep costs down when looking for a venue is to try and find a venue that isn’t commonly used as a wedding venue, such as a farm or gardens.  To have a legally binding wedding ceremony in this type of space, there needs to be a solid structure in place which is licensed.  Some venues get around this by erecting an open barn space or something similar.  However there are other types of ceremony that you might want to consider, such as a humanist ceremony.  If you do have a humanist ceremony on your wedding day, you would usually legalize your marriage at a register office either just before or just after.

I hope you have lots of fun searching for your wedding venue and that my words have helped keep (or put) things into perspective for you.  If you would like to know how I, as a wedding planner, can help you to search for your dream venue then please email me at

Remember, location is the most important consideration when choosing your wedding venue.

Sophie <3

(Image used above Sefton Park Palm House, in Liverpool as photographed by Andrew Davies Photography).

(Image used above Crathorne Hall Hotel, in Durham as featured on Britains Finest).

(Image used above Wynyard Hall Hotel, Chapel in Wynyard as photographed by Dirk van der Wherff Wedding Photography).