Assignment 6

Hello again!

12 Sleeps to Christmas! Can you believe it.  Just like you, I have been super busy on the run up to Christmas, but I have still found the time to do my next assignment.  I have to say this one was even more interesting that Assignment 5.  I almost wished I was completely planning the wedding with an unlimited budget! It would have been Wedding Designer Gone Wild – Ha-ha!

Assignment 6 was all about using design and decoration techniques to create different spaces and different atmospheres.  The client in this assignment contracted me to design a new themed wedding called ‘Back To The Future’.  The client wanted two completely different spaces to be created for their wedding reception.  One being 1950’s and the other being Futuristic.  The client wanted to feel as though they and their guests had walking into two completely different time zones.

This assignment took A-LOT of research and self-restraint too.  I don’t know about you but when someone says ‘Back To The Future’ to me, I instantly think of Michael J Fox and the 80’s film series.. Hmm showing my age there!

Anyway, I came up with two separate mood boards and created a story to showcase how I would plan the details of the wedding to really transport the guests between the time-zones.

It’s a 1950’s affair


Futuristic Starry Nights

I hope you like them and they inspire you, whether you are planning your wedding now or dreaming of your future wedding.  Please do let me know what you think, all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Back soon :)

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